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Free Home Business Course - Part 8


Hi ,

The single most important question in this home business course is: Why?

Why should you and I be in a home business? Spend an hour and do the following simple exercises. It should put things in perspective in relation to your home business.

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Personal Audit


Personal Audit

Why should I be in home business: 

This section will make it clear whether you really want to be in home business or not.

Take a careful look at the chart below! It is simple, is it not? Take a blank sheet of paper and start filling it right now!


  • Just fill up the columns. Do not worry about the order of importance. You can fill it up later.
  • Do the exercise once again-this time logically arranging your order of importance.
  • We haven't finished! Repeat the exercise after one week again. You will be more clear of the reasons why you should be in home business.


Order of importance

Date I completed the first chart: ------------------
    Date I completed the second chart: ------------------
Date I completed the third chart: ------------------

Some questions I must answer myself: These questions will make you think and certainly will make you a better " home business pro". Take time and answer 
ALL of them.

  1. Do I need self-improvement? How will it help me in my business, relationships and in my life? How many hours a day I should set apart for self-improvement in a day?

  2. What are my sure-fire ways to plan my day so as to be highly effective in my home business?

  3. What will be the impression of my business if I do not return my calls, answer emails and mails promptly?


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  4. How will I recognize which of my telephone calls, emails and mails are important?

  5. What are the ways in which my telephone can be a distraction to my home business?

  6. How will I end a telephone call without making the caller feel bad?

  7. What type of research should I do to get my business up and running?

  8. What type research should I continually do in order to stay competitive?

  9. What are the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to market my business?

  10. What lessons should I learn from other home business operator's marketing techniques?

  11. Whys is it absolutely essential to take regular 5-minute breaks between work hours?

  12. What are the steps taken to ensure that my computer files are protected and is safe?

  13. What is the best way to deal with unexpected problems in my business?

  14. What is the meaning of to be flexible in my business?

  15. How will I differentiate between my Professional life and Personal life even though I work from home?

  16. How do I  visualize a perfect home business day?


What home business should I be in?: 

The upper most question in all our minds! 

Fill up the chart below in a blank sheet of paper. You will become more clear on what home business you should be in that you enjoy, is comfortable and of course money!


Fill up these columns as honestly as possible.
Do not hurry! Take time.
Question Answer Question Business#1 Business#2 Business#3
What do I enjoy most doing in life   Will this business let me do this      
What do I enjoy doing my spare time/hobby   Will this business allow me the time to do my hobby      
What is greatest talent I possess   How can I use this talent in my business      
My second greatest talent   How can use this talent in my business      
How much I need to earn annually   Will I be able to earn this amount from this business      
How many hours I want to work in a day/week   How many hours of work I actually need to work as I am starting out      
How many hours I want to work after one year in business in a day/week   How many hours will actually be required after one year      
How many hours I want to work after 5 years in business in a day/week   How many hours will actually be required after one year      
How much money I have to star this business   What is the actual investment required      
Am I willing to learn/get certification/
required to start this business


  What are the essential certifications
required to start this business
Do I want to be in a business which requires me to purchase and stock inventory   Is this business requires me to buy and stock inventory      
How much traveling I am prepared to do   How much, travel, if any is absolutely essential to be successful on this business      
What profit margin I want   What is the actual profit margin this business offers      
How much profit I actually want to make after one year in business   How much profit I can realistically make after one year in this business      
How much profit I actually want to make after 5 years in business   How much profit I can realistically make after one year in this business      
What are the additional tools and equipments I need to start this business   Does this business actually require all the at the start-up of my business      
Do I want to hire employees. If so when( After1 yr, 5 yr etc)   Do I really need employees to assist in my business. If so when      
How many Square feet in my home is required to start my home business   How much space in my house actually needed to operate my business      
How do I want to build a customer base   How to actually get customers      
Would I ever want to sell my business   Can this business build value over a period and be sold      

These exercises are a must before you get in to the home business stuff! Please take time and do it. 

Then you would have taken the first step towards an independent income!

Thanks for being with us so far! Take care ,

Courteously -- S. Kumar

P.S: BTW, Here are some gifts for you. Please go here to download them. These gifts are not the same that you downloaded in the last lesson.

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