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Free Home Business Course - Part 9


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How you can avoid home business scams?

Today's home business lessons discusses this important point.

If you're thinking of a work at home venture, you have to realize that most of the offers out there are scams! Now if it's really that easy to pay a few bucks and make thousands, why not everyone is doing it?

Here are some of the biggest home business scams. How to recognize them, and how do we avoid them?

First where did you see the "Big Money" work from home offer? Die you receive it by email, saw a poster on a bulletin board or one of those little signs on the side of the road then I can almost guarantee you that itís far from a legitimate offer.

But If you notice an ad in a newspaper, a magazine or from a job website, then it could be a legitimate but not always. Remember always and every time check out any offer, and assume itís a scam until you have proof it's not.


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Envelope Stuffing is another established work from home scams. The way it works is once you sign up and pay to work from home, you are sent a set of envelopes along with ads exactly like the one you earlier responded. Then you stuff your envelopes and pay to send them out. You could make some money if someone responds to your ad but the chances are slim. Don't waste your money on this one.

Home assemblers wanted. Charging for supplies is hard to pin down to any one scam itís the way almost all work at home scams work. First you will be asked invest in the materials needed to do the work and then you will be sent very cheap materials that aren't worth anything like what you paid for them. Once the product is assembled you'll find that thereís no one who will buy it!

Quick tip: If anyone asks for money up front run away fast. A real company should be willing to deduct any Ďfeesí from your first paycheck. If they won't do that for you, then thatís because they don't ever plan to pay you.

A variation on the work at home scam common with crafts is that you might be asked to work at home making clothes, ornaments or toys. Everything seems legitimate. You've got the materials without paying out any money, and you're doing the work. Unfortunately for you, when you send the work back, the company will tell you that it didn't meet their Ďquality standardsí, and will refuse to pay you. Never do craft work from home unless you're selling the items yourself.

Now letís discuss home typing and medical billing scams. These work from home scams will lead you to believe that they have more work than they can handle so they need people to work from home. What will happen? You will be told that you would be typing documents, or entering medical bills into a computer. These scams have one thing in common. They say all you need is your computer and then all you have to do is buy their special software to do the job!

This software might appear to be from a completely unrelated company, but don't be fooled. The whole reason the work from home ad was there to begin with was a sneaky way to sell you their software.

I hope this helps you see running a home business that involves you working for one company is a bad idea. You don't know whom you're dealing with. Remember even with entirely legal work at home offers that does pay you for your work, you still won't make near as much money as you can with your very own home business.

Hope these lessons are adding value to your life and business. Take care ,

Courteously -- S. Kumar

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