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Four Website Utility Generators!

If you have a website then you will love the four generators we have created for Ultimate eBook!

  • No Right Click - In under 60 seconds you can generate the code to disable right clicking for your website! You will be able to stop thieves in their tracks!

    Sure, other people may give you the code to use with complicated instruction that only works on IE but with this generator you will be able to protect your website just by copying and pasting the code!
  • File Downloader - In under 90 seconds you can increase the downloads for eBooks or any other program that you wish to give away when people first visit your site! It's not page dependent and you can easily have a different download for every page of your website!

    Other people are selling complicated instructions telling you how to do this for $19.95 and higher! Well, don't pay them! Order your copy of Ultimate eBook and you will get instant access to a easy to use generator that will boost your downloads in a matter of minutes!
  • Pop-Ups - We all know that you can increase your newsletter with a pop-up but we all don't know how to make ones that look great. Well, now it's easy with Ultimate eBooks Pop-Up Generator! You can also create a killer pop-under and decide if it should be activated on enter or exit!

    Other people are selling ONE program from $39.95 to create pop-ups that doesn't do half of what this one does! But the Ultimate eBook Pop-Up Generator will allow you to easily create pop-ups and pop-unders!
  • Encrypter/Decrypter - Disabling the right mouse button is good but it doesn't stop anyone that knows a little about HTML. So what can you do to keep them from stealing your images and even download urls? Simple, encrypt the data! Within 60 seconds you can secure your html code and keep prying eyes from stealing it! You don't even have to worry about people that have this encrypter/decrypter because all the code is encrypted based on a SECRET WORD! Even if someone has Ultimate eBook they will not be able to decrypt your code unless they know your SECRET WORD! This is perfect to protect your order links for PayPal!

    Other people are selling just encrpyters for $29.95 and higher! Don't buy these programs when you can get a more powerful program when you purchase Ultimate eBook!
    Original Price $97.95!
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