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Receive 100% Resale Rights to Quality Products!

When you purchase Ultimate eBook, you will receive the rights to sell these high quality information products! You can sell them seperatly, repackage them or sell them all at one time and just distribute ONE eBook! Many of these products come with ready to go websites!

Value: $49.95

Virtual Library 2.0 - The Webs Best eBook Source

If you love eBooks then you will want this! Virtual Library contains over 2,000 eBooks, programs, reports and resources!

A few of the items found in this package:

AdWizard 1.0 ... eZine Ad Swap Tracker Pro
Investigative Sources Advertising & Marketing E-Book
Internet Spy Toolkit How to Beat a Speeding Ticket
How to Setup a Network Closing the Sale

Value: $24.95

Classic eBooks

In this ebook package you will receive resale rights to 21 classic best selling ebooks! These ebooks can either be sold together as a package or separately!

A few of the 21 titles:

Internet Money Secrets How to Make A Fortune w/ E-Mail
Business & Legal Forms Best of Super Reports
Best of Home Based Business ... Secrets, Schemes & Discoveries

Value: $24.95

eBay Extreme 3.5 - Success Kit For Auctions!

This is the only eBay Package you will ever need! You can sell it as a package or most of the ebooks separately! You and your clients get lifetime updates to any ebooks added to this package!

A few of the ebooks in this package:

Jim Wilson's eBay Secrets! ... Secret eBay Marketing
101 Auction Secrets Revealed Auction Prophet
How to Increase Auction Profits Using NLP On eBay

Value: $49.95

eBook Creation Toolkit 3.0

If you are serious about writing your own eBook or even making money from eBooks you need this toolkit. In it you will learn how to write a eBook, how to create it, how to publish it and how to sell it!

A few of the products:

A Cheap And Easy Guide To Self-Publishing eBooks
Your eBook Daily Marketing Plan
Self Publishing at the Speed of Thought
eBook Cover Tutorial Kit

Value: $24.95

Wholesale Sources - The Ultimate Wholesale Package!

Why buy one wholesale ebook when you can get lifetime updates to our wholesale package?! As we add ebooks to this package you will get them! This package can also be sold and most of this ebooks in it can be sold individually!

A few of the wholesale ebooks in this package:

Wholesale Sources 2001 ... One Million Items Wholesale
Software & Wholesale Sources Wholesalers 2000 Extreme M.E.

Value: $19.95

Million Dollar Emails
By: Yanik Silver

Million Dollar Emails reveals the Amazing Secrets behind the net's Most Successful email campaigns!

The Greatest Collection of Moneymaking Emails Ever!

Value: $20.00

Cash Flow eBusiness eBook

At last, a concise, accurate and very effective book covering the marketing topics that will cost you little or nothing to successfully promote and market your business. In this e-book, you'll find covered the most fundamental principals of promoting any business, product or service successfully on or off the Net.

Value: $24.95

Millennium Info Reports

In this ebook you get not one ebook but four combined in one! You get the business, mixed bag, money & finance and health & household editions all in one ebook!

These reports can be used for:

Website Content ... Newsletters
Articles Your own ebooks!
Reference More!

Value: $99.95

The Cash Flow Deluxe : Info-Software Programs

Get four info software programs with full reproduction & marketing rights! These software programs and not branded with upsale links!

These reports can be used for:

Classified Ads ... MLM Empire
Create & Publish Consumer Alert

Value: $24.95

Website4Sale Secrets

Want to learn how to make your fortune selling websites? In this ebook you will learn where some of the eBay website seller pros get there information and how easy they make big money selling sites that take minutes to make!

Value: $14.95

Cyber Tactics 101

Cyber Tactics 101 is full of website resources! Dozens of free sources to get your website on the right track for maximized and optimized capabilities! You will find everything from software scripts, promotional programs, networking & marketing resources, ecommerce solutions and lots more! These sources are a must have if you are getting ready to start a website or want to boost the potential of an existing one!

Value: $17.00

Autoresponder Magic
By: Yanik Silver

Autoresponder Magic is a new ebook that contains some of the most successful and persuasive autoresponder messages ever written! It's jam-packed with autoresponder messages that have been tested and proven to work by the top Internet Professionals!

Value: $29.00

1001 Newbie-Friendly Tips
By: Bob McElwain

Discover 100s of practical and usable ideas and the simplest ways to implement them! How to fine to your site to maximize profit. How to continue increasing your profit with successful, proven strategies.

All the information has been double checked for accuracy and freshness. You'll find no recycled information! The Internet is constantly changing at extraordinary speed. And yesterday's winning ideas quickly become today's also-rans. But with the best of current thinking at your fingertips, you can apply these methods with utmost confidence, assured you are on the winning track!

Value: $29.95

Free eZine Ad System
By: David A Eck

This revolutionary new program allows you to place 100s of free targeted eZine ads. The system was created with the Internet entrepreneur in mind. The creator selected eZines targeted to people interested in new business ideas, opportunities, products and services. eZine advertising is the most direct and powerful method of marketing on the Internet today! Imagine the response you could generate by placing hundreds of free eZine ads. Your sales can be staggering if you have a good product or service! With the The Free eZine Ad System you can finally afford the eZine advertising that you need!

Value: $24.97

Classified Ads Secrets 2002

Classifieds give you the most band for your buck in advertising. However, writing successful classified ads is an art and should not be taken lightly. This latest eBook will show you the secrets to writing and making money with "order-pulling" classified ads. Also included is a complete State-By-State list of classified ad sources where you can advertise your ad all over North America at very low prices and Classified Ad Blaster! Using free software and this easy to use interface you can submit your classified ad to hundreds of online ad sites in minutes. Its the fastest way your post your classified ad online!

Value: $19.97

Credit Secrets 2002

This eBook is jam packed with excellent information that would be useful to anyone. Even those with good credit! These are the very same credit secrets that celebrities use! It's legal and best of all, the process is free! What's even better are the techniques to improve your credit rating without losing any good credit items that you may have the way you would by opening an entirely new file. Either way, you come out a winner in the credit game!

Value: $29.00


InterNETACTIVE is a powerful program you can use to dramatically increase your Internet exposure! It provides links to the Internet where you can advertise and promote your products and/or services for free! It also contains valuable information you can use to educate yourself on proper and effective online marketing!

Value: $14.95


Accept checks by phone, fax, email and with your website! You can also use this program to print your own checks!

Value: $19.95

Make Ezine Advertising Pay

This eBook will show you how and where to advertise to get the maximum ROI. Its simple, straight forward and anyone can learn to make ezine advertising work for you!

Value: $39.95

Living off the Internet
By Matt Perdeck

You will learn...

  • Where to find the best business opportunities (free to join, no obligations or contracts).
  • How to select one that is right for you.
  • How to actually make money with your chosen business opportunity.
  • Save money, Make money, Live off the Internet, No experience needed, Affiliate programs, Search engine secrets

Can Be Personalized!

Value: $14.95

Be Your Own Psychic

In this eBook you will learn real techniques proven by science to enhance your 6th sense!

This eBook is an introduction of fine tuning your sixth-sense.

Whether you are a skeptic or believer, this ESP book is great reading for anyone who would like to improve their mental power. Leverage you mental control to work for your benefit! This eBook comes complete with a meditation system and a guide for success.

Value: $9.97

50 E-zine Publishers Interviewed

This E-book contains interviews with some famous and some not so famous E-zine or Newsletter Publishers.

All the featured publishers have at least 1,000 subscribers, and they reveal how they sign up new subscribers and maintain their list.

I believe their answers and tips will be valuable if you want to start up or promote your own E-zine on the Internet.

Value: $19.95

Unknown Origin Series

Unknown Origin is a growing series of new-age eBooks!

The 'Aliens & UFOs' edition takes you to the beginning at Roswell and explains away the top classified documents and plans of the US Government, including UFO reports and super secret spy information concerning UFO's & Aliens!

The 'ESP & Mind Control' edition is a research archive into the NSA, CIA, Russian Intelligence, ECHELON, FEMA, remote mind control weapons, conspiracies, and even an interview with an ex- spy!

Both eBooks have TONS of articles and insider information! Great for both skeptics and believers!

Value: $9.95

Cash Flow Report - "How-To" Series

The Cash Flow Reporter contains reports, how-to books, guides, and sources that you can reprint and sell. The publications differ in size from one page to several pages to hundreds of pages. The information covers a wide variety of topics, interests, and subjects.

Cash Flow Reporter is designed to be very user friendly and easy to operate.

Value: $9.95

Cash Flow Report - "Mail Order" Series

The Cash Flow Reporter contains reports, how-to books, guides, and sources that you can reprint and sell. The publications differ in size from one page to several pages to hundreds of pages. The information covers a wide variety of topics, interests, and subjects.

Cash Flow Reporter is designed to be very user friendly and easy to operate.

Value: $19.95

4000+ Movie Stars Studio & Home Addresses
By M&S Press

This ebook contains 4000+ addresses of Movie Stars, Singers, Songwriters, Sports Figures, Soap Stars, Political Figures, Sports Team Addresses, TV stars, and much more. If they are celebs they are probably in this ebook. There is also a chapter that explains in detail how to Request, GET and Sell stars autographs and pictures with an up to 98% success rate. Updated with postcard request methods due to Anthrax worries. There is even a sample request Letter / Postcard that has proven very successful.

Use it for the content to increase the size of your collection, make money with it selling the Autographs and Pictures or sell the eBook yourself!

Value: $19.95

Viral Marketing Techniques
By M&S Press

A comprehensive guide to the new breed of Vbook Viral techniques the "Big Boys" use. Contains a complete overview of "how it all works". Explains all that's needed to launch a professional Viral Marketing Campaign with tracking. The Author's insight into this complex marketing method simplifies the process in layman's terms and makes Viral Marketing campaigns very easy to understand and implement.

Value: $19.95

ONLINE Casino Winning Systems
By M&S Press

This is a full featured quality ebook with a unique paging viewer built-in! It has chapters on Winning systems for Craps, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, The Lottery, Sweepstakes & Contests, Bingo winning Systems and Includes the Bonus: Online Scams Revealed! Many "Insider" gambling tips and winning systems are included. Over 100 pages.

Get the odds the PRO's do at Online or even REAL Casinos! Over 100 Pages!

Value: $27.00

Millionaire Marketing
By Alan Fukuda

In a discussion between Marlon Sanders, Declan Dunn & Jonathan Mizel you will discover deadly marketing mistakes before it's to late!

Value: $17.00

How To Win The War Of Internet Marketing
By Lawrence Pryor & Andrew Fox

Revealed At Last! How You Can Easily Create The Life You Desire On The Internet Within 1 Year By Employing This PRICELESS Information!

Value: $24.95

Killer Mini Sites That Sell Like Crazy!

Learn exactly what it takes to create a killer one page site that makes your visitors buy!

Value: $39.97

How To Get Reprint Rights Without Spending A Dime!
By Kunle Olomofe

Learn how you can get reprint rights for free in this great report! For every dollar you save on reprint rights, thats an extra dollar in your pocket!

Value: $19.95

How To Be A Mystery Shopper
By Linda Wallis

Learn How To Eat In 5 Star Restaurants Take Luxury Cruises Shop In The Finest Stores And Get Paid At The Same Time!

Value: $37.00

Black Belt Web Marketing

Black Belt Web Marketing is a high powered marketing course that really pulls in hits! Learn how to do it so you can profit like hundreds of others!

Value: $19.95

How to Outsell Other Resellers and Become a Super Affiliate!
By Jimmy D. Brown

In How to Outsell Other Resellers and Become a Super Affiliate Jimmy D. Brown will show you easy ways to gain an unfair advantage over your competition no matter what you are promoting!

Value: $37.00

Inside the Minds of Winners
By Charles Burke

These 10 Winners Could Make You Rich This Year! This Massive Collection of Winning Interviews Reveals Strategies You Can Learn, Copy, Imitate, and Use Today! Finally, Put your success on autopilot! Get Inside the Minds of Winners!

Value: $39.00

The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle
By Brett McFall & Louis Allport

You’re invited to take a front row seat as Brett McFall coaches REAL business owners to take THEIR OWN basic, boring, no-response ads (the kind you may have used in the past or may even be using right now) and turn them into million-dollar blockbusters in under half an hour!

Value: $27.00

AX Gold's Affiliate Customizer

With this software you can get your affiliates selling more of your products quickly & easily!

Can Be Personalized!

Value: $27.95

Affiliate Page Maker

This software will create search engine friendly affiliate pages with encrypted affiliate links. This means you will be able to...

  • You can increase your affiliate sales!
  • Protect unsafe affiliate links!
  • Use proven & successful search engine optimization techniques!
  • Get links to your affiliate pages from major search engines!

Value: $19.95

Autoresponder Secrets Exposed

Discover how you can turn a trickle of sales into an onslaught of orders using the easiest, most effective way to EXPLODE your sales!

Value: $19.95

Webmaster Tools: Black Label Edition v2

Webmaster Tools - Black Label Edition is a suite of JavaScript Wizards that will help create eye-popping pages with the simplicity of copy and paste. Just enter the variables and the wizards will write the scripts FOR you. Even if you already know how to write these scripts the wizards will eliminate typing errors and wasted de-bugging time.

Value: $34.97

Instant Bookmark

Give your visitor a quick and easy way to bookmark your site using this "1 click" bookmark generator!

Value: $37.95

Joe Vitale's Hymnotic Marketing Interviews
Forbidden Keys to Persuasion

Introducing A Revolutionary New Approach To Marketing On The Internet - And How YOU Can Take Advantage Of It Before Anyone Else!

Can Be Personalized!

Value: $9.97

ClickBank Calculator

Start calculating your total ClickBank profits and/or commissions with this new and simple to use desktop software. Calculates...

  • Merchant Net Profits
  • Total ClickBank Cost
  • Total Affiliate Commissions

Value: $49.95

Deluxe Templates

Gain access to 65 website template!

Value: $39.97

Complete E-Business Resource Guide

A Proven Resource Database any online marketer uses to create and market their products, promote services, manage business processes, and earn profits on the every day basis. This is, without any doubt, The Main Treasure of any online business, which accumulates year after year.

Value: $19.00

Filter Buster v2

Check your emails to see how they will pass with the spam filters before you do your next mailing!

Value: $29.00

Easy Resell Plus

Easy Resell Plus will automatically update the payment links in any mini site, ready for you to take payments. Even if there are lots of links scattered around the page, you can update the site instantly, just by pressing a button.

Value: $17.00

Embarrassingly Simple Way

Discover The Embarrassingly Simple Mistake That Landed My Affiliate Link Page At The Top Of The World's #1 Search Engine ... Absolutely Free!

Value: $97.00

Express Mail Server

This email software was designed to be easy to use, enabling even those who have never done mass emailing before to master it within minutes, using simple screens that take you step by step through each process from start to finish.

Value: $29.95

eZine Blaster

  • Your FREE ads to over 188,000 verified, targeted subscribers!
  • It's the complete guide for Marketers Guaranteed!
  • Discover secrets of marketing with eZines!
  • Over $3500 in FREE advertising!

Value: $27.00

How to Gain and Retain Customers
By James Yurille

In "How To Gain And Maintain More Customers" you'll find...

  • A description of the purpose and nature of a business so simple you'll wonder why you never thought of it!
  • How to ask the right questions to get your customers talking about why they want your product
  • The single most important thing you must do in every customer interaction
  • Frightening examples showing innocent errors that cost these businesses sales (how many are you making?)
  • and much more!

Value: $19.00

The Great Ezine Experiment

How I Turned a Simple Ezine Into an Online Empire That Earns Me THOUSANDS of Dollars Each Month.

Value: $37.00

HTML Code Guard

Surround your HTML code with barb-wire and double your affiliate profits.

Value: $24.95

A Guide to Researching, Designing & Marketing a Info Biz

Learn from the experiences of how other marketers have created and built their own information businesses!

Value: $27.00

How to Create and Market a Best Selling Info-Product
By Louis Allport

Discover the info-product creation and marketing secrets that have made J. F. Straw over $82 million in sales over the last 30 years, both on and offline.

Value: $14.97

Hitting The Search Engines

How an internet web master built FIVE high-traffic sites in six months using nothing but search engine listings.

Value: $27.00

Internet Copycatting
By Melvin Ng

Learn 9 different business models you can learn, copy and profit from.

Value: $27.00

Info-Product Marketing Secrets Exposed
By Louis Allport

Highly successful info-publishers reveal exactly how they pull in big profits online every single month.

Value: $97.00

JavaScripts Magic

add cutting-edge design wizardry to your web pages for less than the price of a large pizza without deciphering programmers 'techie' instructions, wasting time searching for scripts, or taking a three month $1,000 web design course...

Can Be Personalized!

Value: $27.00

Over One Million Visitors a Year
By Louis Allport

Learn how you can get over a million visitors a every year to your website in this interview with Neil Shearing!

Value: $27.95

Joe Vitale's Hymnotic Marketing Interviews
Mr. Fire: What Sparked the Flame?

Jo Han interviews Mr. Fire himself, Joe Vitale, and asks him the questions everyone needs the answers to!

Value: $17.00

Olympic Power

Articles that detail on how you can improve your business and life qualities.

Value: $47.00

PayPal Money Script

With this Money Making PayPal Sscript you'll instantly have:

  • Money rolling into your PayPal account
  • Fresh new leads every time a new member signs up
  • The ability to email your ENTIRE members base.
  • And much much more

Value: $37.00

Pure Profit Software

Instantly Gain Master Marketing Rights to an Arsenal of nine 100% Profit Software Products!

Value: $24.95

Resale Rights Profits
by Allan Wilson

Learn exactly how to take the products in my Personal Resell Rights Vault and set up a successful resale rights business!

Value: $9.95

Script Jungle

Contains 10 scripts that have master resale rights.

Value: $17.00

by Gary Killops

In less than 29 seconds you can create a complete website that will promote your Six Figure Income business! Even if you have never created a single webpage before - NO SKILL is required!

Value: $97.00

Stealth Mailer

This software saves the resources of your ISP by utilizing its own email Server/Client/Routing system. You don't pass a single copy of email through your dial-up's mail servers ... or any type of third party relaying for that matter.

Value: $19.95

Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed
By Louis Allport

10 proven steps to making at least $2,000 in affiliate commissions every single month, with only part-time effore.

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